Crosstalk Edition 1 Tehran 2015

We are looking for choreographers, dancers, performers, creative technicians, sound artists, visual/video artists and coders to apply for an open lab to explore techniques for collaboration between body and technology. Successful applicants will collaborate for two weeks in a nicely-equipped space (motion tracking equipment, sound systems, projectors and more) to create a series of experiments followed by an open studio. This lab will be held in Tehran from July 11th to July 24th, 2015. Follow the link for more details and to apply.

You don’t have to be in collaboration already to apply, you can work with other participants, (although if you are, invite your colleagues to apply as well).

The studio will be equipped with motion tracking equipment (fast HD Infra-red), Oculus Rift, Kinect 1 and 2, video cameras, projectors and audio as a basic minimum, depending on the needs of the participants this can be expanded.

This lab uses group discussion, guest presentations and free studio time (daily 10am-6pm) to facilitate the process of collaboration.

For the application we are not just looking for a great idea that combines these two fields, but a desire to create something new with others and the wish to reflect on that process. We especially encourage young makers to apply.

If you work with (un)stable media, live interaction, audio, video, bodies, your body or dancers read on for more details or to apply.